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Tres Milagros
How to Contact Us

Meet "Canine (K9) Klein®" better known as "K9®", he's the one to contact in case you have a question, comment, or problem.

Since I am the Coolest of the Cool, I have designated myself as Chief Cook and Bottle Washer. In other words, I am the administrator - if something (anything) needs to get done, I get it done. I love reading and answering e-mails that tell me how suave, sophisticated and combed-out I am. But my other two friends, don't want to read anything that is not perfect about them. Sooooo as the administrator, I get to answer all of the e-mail, mostly because I have the ego that can handle it. You can write to me at or, better yet let me send you updates of the goings on of my friends and myself:

get this gear!

It pains me to say this but, I suppose we have to have you talk to "Tony®" because I really can't wait for you to get me to your house!

Each "Ruff®," "K9®," and "Tony®" is an inch over one foot tall. They are made of the finest plush in the world. Each cuddly puppy has his name printed on the front of his undershirt and is stuffed with his own custom printed X-Large Adult-sized T-shirt. The shirt is made of premium 100% cotton which makes it the epitomy of comfort for sleep or everyday wear.

"Ruff®", "K9®", & "Tony®" can be yours for:


All prices and payments are in United States Dollars (USD) plus all shipping, handling, and applicable taxes. Customer satisfaction 100% guaranteed from manufacturing defects.


"Canine (K9) Klein®." He answers to "K9®".


"K9®"'s friends "Ruff Lauren®" and "Tony Holedigger®" are in charge of other sections of this site.

How to Get Us to Your House

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